Do you need to lay out a path for your project from start to finish? The following steps outline a common roadmap for a commission. If any of these don’t work for you that is not a problem! These are not rules set in stone and may be expanded or downscaled according to your needs.

First contact

Let’s get to know each other! Tell me about your project, idea and points of reference over a coffee, email, phone or video call. Together, we will evaluate your needs and expectations.

Brief & Quote

We get specific here. What are the particular areas to work on and elements to be created to complete the project? The answer will be a checklist based upon which I will give you a price quote for the commission. Up to this point no fees are charged to you.


This is, in a way, the art direction bit of the gig. We explore what general vibe we’ll be aiming for and search for visual references and colour palettes that will work as support and guide. You get to decide how much input you want to provide in this step.


At this stage, we think and scribble about what is going to be actually illustrated and in what way we tackle the brief. There is no discrimination between good or bad ideas at this stage. Again, it is up to you to decide how much you want to participate in this phase.


We make a selection of the best ideas and I make quick doodles on this basis, to get a rough mental image of the final work. Normally I will do this with 3 of the ideas, but if the path to take is clear there can be less, or if you feel you need a wider perspective there can be more.


Why keep calling them pencils when they are all digital? Anyway, at this stage I start working on the final images, fleshing out concepts and creating line art for the complete compositions.

First review: You consider the art needs some changes? You want a tweak in the composition? Vary the size of an object? The expression of a character? This is the moment to introduce these corrections.

Quasi-final art

I add colour, texture, light, shadow, effects! We are very close to the final image.

Second review: As in the previous step, we can discuss and apply changes and corrections to the elements that have just been added to the artwork.


After a quick break to have a fresh look at the images, I revise them, making sure every detail is right, and apply any finetuning or polishing if necessary.


Check out a preview of the result. Are you satisfied? Perfect! Do you think there is room for improvement? Let’s discuss – at this stage, extra changes might imply extra costs.

Delivery & Billing

I send you the files, adapted to the final format including any pre-press work necessary, and invoice. See you again soon!


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