My name is Daniel, I am an illustrator based in Brussels, born in 1983, originally from Spain.

When I arrived in Belgium in 2011, I didn’t speak a word of French. Nevertheless, I became a translator: I didn’t connect words with other words, but images to concepts. Alternating between being the one who didn’t understand and the one who makes others understand, I sharpened my «translation skills» practising and working with both tangible objects – a book, a dinosaur – and the more abstract – solidarity, self esteem, aiming to render ideas in the liveliest way possible for everybody to understand the message.

This is what I keep doing today, still developing my skills, in French of course, but also working on movement, texture, composition or the inclusion of animated elements, adding to my translations a more evocative dimension. Playful drawings that wink at those who look, inviting them to play. Our starting point together: opening a dialogue that will allow us to find solutions tailored and crafted for your project.

Do not hesitate to contact me to share your ideas and find together the best translation possible, one that will resonate with viewers and inspire them.

Some more things about me

I speak Spanish, English, French and have notions of Dutch and Italian.
I love comics and broccoli.
I graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 2009.
I can belly dance.
I studied applied arts for a year in TEI in Athens.
I want Bailando by Paradisio as my funeral’s song.