Fin Kit

Fin Kit is a fanzine in (the form of) a can, which I published with fellow illustrator Sergio Menéndez. The hermetically sealed tin contains a collection of 30 illustrated octogonal cards.

Fin Kit is resistant to many possible apocalyptical disasters, therefore, if kept closed, its contents would survive the end of the world.

In Fin Kit, 30 authors share their message for the post-apocalypse: Alberto Navarro, Alice Bossut, Chema Peral, Chloé Perarnau, Daniel Luna Sol, Dilraj Mann, Eugenio Nittolo, Ferran Esteve, Félix Diaz, Germán Torres, Ghosttthead, Gof, Jesse Tise, Jim Pluk, Kali Fontecchio, Lionel Serre, Mario García, Mike Diana, Nick Alston, Paco Melendez, Pau Masiques, Pau Valls, Pierre Bolide, Richard Câmara, Robert Deutsch, Rylsee, Sita Merten, Soma Sebesvári, Sergio Menéndez and myself.

photo: Sergio Menéndez